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    Music School India : Divya Music organizes general and specialized workshops with an aim of promotion and development of the performing arts - music and dance among different communities e.g. school children, nursery play school kids, college / university students, elderly, differently abled children etc. Divya Music undertakes development and execution of projects on performing arts - music and dance. Music healing therapy workshops are organized for people suffering with specific physical, psychological conditions, disorders etc.


    Music & Dance workshop for participants of Television Realty Show

    Music School India : Divya Music conducts special music and dance workshop for kids / children between the ages of 4 - 16 years participating in the television realty shows based on music, singing and dance. The participants of the Indian Television reality shows like Indian Idol, Boogie Woogie, Little Champ, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, Dance India Dance, Voice of India and Chak Dhoom etc receive special training on how to sing in realty shows and how to dance on stage. The expert presentation tips for these music and dance competitions are provided, training on solo dancing and group dancing, solo singing and group singing and instrumental music performance is offered. You are welcome to contact Divya music for inquiry on these workshops.
    Details : Click here

  • Music workshop for Elderly - senior citizens

    Divya Music School organizes special music training workshop for elderly community. These workshops help elders / senior citizens to successfully overcome the old-age related conditions like Loneliness, depression, inactivity and routine disorders by positively involving them in a creative hobby of instrumental music and vocal music. The funding / sponsorship program is available for these music workshops for elders / senior citizens. You are welcome to contact Divya music for further details.

  • Music workshop for differently-abled

    Divya Music organizes workshops on vocal music and instrumental music (selected instruments) training for differently-abled (disabled) persons. These workshops can be organized at community centers or at institutions. The funding / sponsorship program is available for these workshops for differently-abled persons. You are welcome to contact Divya music for further details.

  • Music workshop on Music Healing Therapy

    Divya Music organizes workshop on healing by Music therapy for people suffering from psychological disorders - depression, anxiety, interpersonal communication problems, mood disorders etc. Mental retardation, Autism, Behavioral Disorders - excessive anger, sleep disorders, eating disorders, aggressiveness, nervousness, stammering, drug addicts etc. Physical Disorders - Differently abled, physically challenged, Neurological conditions etc., Life style disorders- Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Insomnia etc and Diseases - Asthma, Cancer etc.
    for further details:

  • DM - ROM Sessions: Divya Music Relaxation - Orientation - Meditation sessions Online

    Divya Music offers DM - ROM sessions, the specialized online music sessions for relaxation, orientation and music meditation. The online one-on-one, individual online music meditation sessions are conducted by qualified and highly experienced music meditation technique experts in India. The DM - ROM sessions are designed exclusively for individuals of all age groups, professions and community, espacially for the individuals requiring high levels of concentration, the DM - ROM music meditation sessions are exclusively designed for: - PROFESSIONALS / EXECUTIVES : Doctors, Lawyers, Finance / Accounts, CEOs, Politicians, Sportsman, Industrialists, Managers, IT professionals, Pilots & for working individuals from all fields. WOMEN: Working professionals / House wives, Students & Senior Citizens Etc.
    Details : Click here

    Music and dance workshops could be organized according to specific requirement of any group / community. You are welcome to contact Divya music for further details.

    Development of relaxation music program for working staff at offices, industries, institutes, commercial establishments, organizations etc.

    Music and dance projects development could be undertaken according to specific requirement of any organization / community. You are welcome to contact Divya music for further details.
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Indian Hindustani classical vocal music lessons online, Light semi classical singing classes & Carnatic music lessons online. Flexible online music class schedules for global citizens & non-resident Indians (NRI) living in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand & other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East & South America.