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    Divya Music is dedicated to the promotion and development of the performing arts - Music and Dance. Divya Music wishes to encourage the global individuals interested in learning music and dance as a hobby and for the purpose Divya Music offers special promotional discounts on the certificate level hobby courses fee. The fee discounts are offered from time to time, are valid for a certain period and are applicable on the following Music and Dance certificate level hobby courses only :

        •  Hobby Certificate course - 3 months / Unlimited duration - Online classes
        •  Introductory Certificate course - 6 months duration - Online classes
        •  Intermediate Certificate course - 6 months duration - Online classes
        •  Advanced Certificate course - 1 Year duration - Online classes

    The current promotional fees discount offers are :



    Celebrating a Birthday! An Anniversary! Graduation day! Childrenís day! Thanks giving day! Motherís day! Fatherís day! Friendship day! Valentine Day! Foundation day!

    It is a special time for celebrations! It is time for music and dance....

    AND AS ALWAYS.... Looking for THAT SPECIAL PRESENT, A GIFT that is a bit different from the norm, any of the traditional gifts...? A gift that makes every moment of your loved ones life more special and joyous... and cherishes for long. A gift everyone loves... an everlasting gift of learning music and dance

    The performing arts - music and dance enjoy a universal passion in different forms, some like singing, some like playing musical instruments and some like dancing. Everyone among us loves to sing, play music on musical instruments and dance...the fact is everyone enjoys is the most wonderful way to express the inner joy.... the true feelings.... of love and care....

    So, when you are not sure what gift to get for your loved ones to make the occasion special and celebrations everlasting.... gift the DIVYA MUSIC ONLINE LESSONS - VOICE TRAINING LESSONS, INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC LEARNING LESSONS and DANCE LEARNING LESSONS.... DIVYA MUSIC ONLINE LESSONS IN MUSIC AND DANCE is the perfect solution when you just can't seem to find the right gift. Celebrate any occasion by presenting a unique gift of Online Music & Dance hobby classes to all your near & dear - your family members, friends, relatives, business associates, colleagues and as corporate gift for staff - employees.

    No matter what the occasion, an occasion or not.... DIVYA MUSIC ONLINE LESSONS are sure to put a smile on anyone's face! DIVYA MUSIC is a Global Music and Dance school and we've got something for everyone! performing arts MUSIC and DANCE... right from classical to modern, traditional folk to the ageless... contemporary to experimental!

    Divya Music, Global school of music and dance offers BIG DISCOUNTS on GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS of all the certificate level online hobby courses, avail 10% DISCOUNT on the entire certificate level course fees.

    Music and Dance online courses included in the GIFT SUBSCRIPTION DISCOUNT* offer are : Hobby Certificate Online course, Introductory Certificate Online course, Intermediate Certificate Online course, Advanced Certificate Online course.

    * The 10% discount is applicable on the payment of the entire course fees at the time of admission.
    * The discount offers under Divya Music "One family One school" plan can be combined with the gift subscription discount offer.
    * The offer is valid on the online certificate level courses only.

    You are welcome to contact Divya Music at:

Indian Hindustani classical vocal music lessons online, Light semi classical singing classes & Carnatic music lessons online. Flexible online music class schedules for global citizens & non-resident Indians (NRI) living in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand, Netherlands, Thailand & other countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East & South America.